Growing All the Wiser

Growing All the Wiser

Wisdom Tips from the Book of Proverbs

Kyna Williams


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If experience is the best teacher, why are we often left wounded and discouraged by experiences? If you have been a victim of your experiences then it is time to part ways with this inadequate teacher and join forces with a Life Coach that guarantees positive results, Wisdom!

The Wisdom found in the book of Proverbs are time tested life truths with a winning track record of consistently transforming fools into gurus. Wisdom exists to help you master your money, your relationships, your mouth, your temperament, and even your career path. Regardless the subject matter, Wisdom is available to guide your daily decisions toward wise life choices.

Growing All the Wiser has digested the book of Proverbs into current, relevant, and relatable Wisdom Tips designed for practical application to everyday life situations. You will walk away each day with a new wisdom tool to apply to your decision-making repertoire until you find yourself moving out of the gray area of foolishness to the green pastures of safety that exist when Wisdom is the stabilizing force behind the decisions you make.

Whosoever lacks wisdom and seeks to gain the wisdom necessary to guarantee the result of your life experiences, this book is for you. From teen to mature adults the Wisdom Tips found within this book will serve as an essential guide toward living your best and wisest life today.


Kyna Williams:

Kyna Williams is a dynamic Bible teacher and speaker who utilizes writing as a vehicle for imparting motivation, inspiration, and hope to those who read her work. Kyna earned a dual Masters of Arts from Webster University, a Bachelor’s degree from Wayland Baptist University, and a Certificate of Biblical Studies. She is an Air Force Veteran and former DoD Contracting Officer. Her greatest accomplishments are her 21-year marriage to Robin Williams and their children Iman, Jayda, and Robert.