DIY Kombucha

DIY Kombucha

Sparkling Homebrews Made Easy

Andrea Potter


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  • Author is a fermentation expert, chef, registered holistic nutritionist and has a red seal in culinary arts
  • She founded Rooted in Nutrition in 2009 and teaches classes and workshops on fermentation methods
  • Kombucha is a fizzy fermented health drink that people are turning to as an alternative to soda
  • This is the essential book on how to make kombucha and other fermented beverages from scratch
  • Takes the mystery out of the care and feeding of SCOBY bacteria and how to use it to brew flavorful drinks
  • Learn how to make kombucha that tastes store-bought
  • Simple, visual, straight forward instructions
  • Highly illustrated in full color
  • Covers secondary fermentation, flavoring with fruit and herbs and a troubleshooting section
  • Explains that basic science of fermentation in easy to understand language
  • Differs from other kombucha books in that author is chef and registered nutritionist, contains recipes for other fermented drinks " jun (honey fed SCOBY), kefir water, ginger bug, ginger and root beer.
  • Drawing on years of experience teaching beginners, the author discusses all the most common and some of the less common questions of first time brewers such as, "How long does this project take? How do I know if it is good to drink? What if I go on holiday? Does this SCOBY look normal?"


  • D-I-Yers, homesteaders, foodies, health-minded people, makers and doers