Truth in Private Lending

Truth in Private Lending

Real Estate Investors Guide to Keeping Scammers Away From Your Money

Randy P. Hinkle


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Real estate agents and other investors who need money to close their purchases often use private lending as their main source for funding. Unfortunately, many private lenders take advantage of this. They use unethical and illegal tactics to persuade investors to pay fees to obtain loans. For this reason, investors need guidance from an expert who knows the language and the processes these imposters use. Truth in Private Lending gives detailed accounts of how private lending scammers typically operate, and advice on how to keep them from getting your money.


Randy P. Hinkle:
Randy Hinkle has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years. Over the past 3 years he has contacted over 2,000 private lenders. Through these contacts, Randy has not only experienced numerous scams, he has also suffered personal losses in terms of time, money, and emotional stress. Randy understands what investors are dealing with, and knows how to keep them from getting scammed themselves.